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Our Accounting Process

Integrated Services For Your Business

We’ll process your payroll, maintain your books, prepare financial statements, and handle all accounting functions on your behalf. We conduct tax research and planning, and when it’s time to prepare your business tax return, we’ll already be in the know about your financial situation.

We offer the following services for businesses:

Concierge CFO

Part-time CFO services can accelerate your business’ growth and improve profitability. Cash management and forecasting allow business owners to make confident decisions with the guidance of an experienced financial advisor.

Accounting & Payroll

We offer full-time or part-time bookkeeping and payroll services to take this time-consuming, highly regulated chore off your plate. Our combined payroll and accounting services can streamline your business with direct deposit, online check stubs, and W-2 access.

Financial Statement Preparation

We can prepare financial statements that involve aggregating several tax and accounting information into a standardized set of financials so you can maximize your company’s profitability and efficiencies.

1. Contact Us

1. Contact Us

Contact us via phone or email to schedule a complimentary consultation. Our accounting staff will ask what your business venture entails and what your goals are for the future. After hearing your unique situation, we will let you know how our services will benefit you and your business.

2. Organize

2. Organize

Our team will have you gather any necessary information for the next steps in your accounting engagement. If you are starting out new, we will educate you on the different entities, apply for all your business identification numbers, and get you ready to grow your business.

3. Monitor

3. Monitor

Our team is here for you throughout the year! As businesses are ongoing, we would create a plan specific to your needs for periodic review. We will keep you informed with a custom plan of communication, monitor your plan and adapt to your changing needs.