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Defining Success as Female Leaders of DBHW Wealth Partners

Defining Success as Female Leaders of DBHW Wealth Partners

June 22, 2023

Recently, DBHW Wealth Partners was recognized among the most successful affiliates of Avantax®, a leader in tax-focused financial planning and wealth management, during the invitation-only Avantax Elite Summit 2023 in London, England. In fact, the firm was recognized as the first-ever female-led company to reach the top 10.

In today's dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape, women are carving their paths to success as entrepreneurs and business owners. Their journeys are unique, filled with determination, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of their dreams. As we explore the notion of success, it becomes evident that women are redefining what it means to achieve their goals in the business world, and we proud to be led by women doing just that.

Below are the perspectives of three inspiring women leaders of DBHW Wealth Partners. Discover how they define and measure success in their own words.

Charlene Wehring, CPA – Managing Member & Senior Wealth Planner

"As a financial advisor, my definition of success goes beyond personal achievements. It lies in my ability to assist my clients in achieving their goals and aspirations. Keeping my staff content and motivated is paramount because it's not about me, but rather what I can do to empower others.

Witnessing the journey from helping individuals establish their businesses to seeing them thrive, eventually leading to a successful sale and a fulfilling retirement, brings me immense gratification. All I ever did was work hard, never allowing myself to lose focus. I find true fulfillment in knowing that my efforts positively impact the lives of those we serve.”

Lisa A. Pugel, EA - Managing Member & Senior Wealth Planner

“Success can be measured in so many ways. Thirty years ago, as a young, inexperienced business owner, I faced so many obstacles. My success has come from the fact I was not afraid of failure. You ultimately learn from every single challenge and sometimes mistakes that are made. Those hurdles cultivate into the most wonderful experiences and success stories imaginable. It's what makes us human, makes us real and makes us successful. 

Achieving long-term success in business requires learning from other successful entrepreneurs. I am fortunate to be constantly surrounded by the best in our industry, which I share with others. Being open to sharing knowledge and listening to others can lead to great success.”

Women are at the forefront of redefining success in the business world. Through their unique perspectives and experiences, they are challenging traditional notions of achievement and paving the way for a more inclusive and balanced approach. Authenticity, work-life integration, empowerment, overcoming challenges, and continuous growth are some of the key pillars that shape these women’s definition of success.

Wendi Hall, CPA – Managing Member & Director of Tax & Accounting

“The term "successful" is often used to describe others, rather than oneself. Despite this, entrepreneurs and business owners are all pursuing success. But without acknowledging it for themselves, how will they know when they've achieved it? Having worked with numerous entrepreneurs, this question has become common.

The conversations I have with my clients reveal that their success is usually internally defined very differently. I hear descriptions that include “providing for my family,” “having enough to retire,” and “sharing my gifts and talents with others.” These are not the media’s definition of successful. As a business owner myself, I would also add “providing rewarding jobs for others,” “giving back to the community,” and “having time to spend with my family, friends and favorite charities.” 

The drive that pushed us to be business owners is the same one directing our success. How can I do this better? What else don’t I know? What else can I do? Success is not solely determined by levels of achievement or accomplishments, but rather by your attitude and actions. It's important to reflect on what success truly means to you, then take proactive steps to attain it. Let your mindset and behavior lead you to success.”