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Long-Time Peers Merge Financial Firms

Long-Time Peers Merge Financial Firms

February 02, 2022

For many years now, Senior Wealth Planner, Lisa Pugel, has been an influential member of a national community of financial professionals. Thousands of peers share her affiliation with Avantax – the broker-dealer that pioneered Tax-Smart InvestingTM – to network with and learn alongside industry leaders from across the country. And for more than a decade, Lisa ranked among the top 75 advisors in this network and has been tapped to share her wisdom on building a firm as successful as DB Tax & Wealth.


Roughly 1,000 miles from South Milwaukee, WI, peer and fellow Financial Advisor Charlene Wehring was building a successful practice in Bellville, TX. Also, an affiliate of Avantax, Charlene is the Chief Executive Officer of Wehring Wealth Management. She and Lisa quickly became friends as highly respected female advisors in a largely male-dominated industry.


Each time they gathered at Avantax conferences or just for fun, they found insights and solutions from each other’s businesses. They quickly identified synergies and complementary strengths in their practices and were encouraged by potential efficiencies they could realize by working together more formally.


So, after more than six months of exploration and due diligence, we’re thrilled to announce that both firms have merged to create a new company for Wehring Wealth Management and DB Tax & Wealth!


What does this merger mean for our respective clients and teams?


  • We’ve created a central management company to house the shared services both our firms need. This includes consolidating systems, adopting the most effective processes and technology, and maximizing efficiencies rather than duplicating efforts.
  • We’re linking team members across the firms to learn from their counterparts – ensuring our clients receive the best of the best service and technical knowledge.
  • We’re leveraging each other’s respective strengths, from robust and diversified investment portfolios and product knowledge to excellence in tax return preparation and client experience.
  • Ultimately, it means we’ll be sharing best practices and collaborating across offices to ensure our clients always receive the latest and greatest financial strategies.


What doesn’t it mean?


  • We won’t be changing your local staff nor eliminating positions. In fact, another reason for this merger was to find a firm who appreciates, respects and values its employees just as Lisa does, and we’re confident we have the right teams in place to serve you well.
  • The experience for our clients will have minimal changes – other than to be enhanced by what we learn from one another.


Overall, we believe this merger will be key to our continuity and continued development as leading tax-smart wealth management firms. We’re grateful for your trust and confidence, and we look forward to serving you in 2022 and beyond.