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Strategic Firm Additions: Enhanced Tax & Accounting Services

Strategic Firm Additions: Enhanced Tax & Accounting Services

July 14, 2022

At DB Tax & Wealth, we are grateful for the trust and confidence clients place in our team, and it’s because we want to continue serving you in the most impactful way possible that we are making some strategic additions to our business.

We recently announced a merger with Wehring Wealth Management to create a new tax-smart wealth management firm. This remains unchanged, and our leadership teams have been hard at work in the background – combining operations and aligning goals and priorities for our new joint entity. By the end of this year, we plan to announce a new brand name and logo that reflects our firms’ combined future.

As we divided responsibilities that leverage each other’s strengths and support the vision of our new firm, we quickly realized the benefit that enhanced tax and accounting services would offer our clients. Therefore, we are welcoming a new partner into our merger: Wendi Hall, CPA, IAR, and owner of Small Office Solutions LLC! Wendi brings more than 25 years of experience serving individuals and businesses, and we are thrilled to have her lead our combined team of CPAs and tax professionals going forward. You’ll begin to see us refer to our new firm as ‘DBHW.’

By uniting the expertise and resources of Small Office Solutions, Wehring Wealth Management and DB Tax & Wealth, we believe we’re in the best possible position to help our clients make confident financial decisions for their businesses and families. We will provide proactive guidance from a best-in-class team of knowledgeable tax and wealth management professionals, and with the addition of Wendi’s team, we are excited to offer enhanced services as of July 1, 2022.

We believe this expansion of our ongoing merger will be crucial to continuity and growth as a leading tax-smart wealth management firm. It’s a privilege to be your sounding board for sound advice, and the addition of Wendi to our merger enhances our services and also our confidence to deliver the holistic advice you deserve.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership. If you have any questions or want to discuss our strategic additions to the business in more detail, please reach out to our team!