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Insurance Planning

Planning for Future Risks

Planning for Future Risks

Insurance planning may not seem related to financial planning initially, but it’s an important part of protecting against potential risks. One or two unexpected situations can quickly derail a financial plan, so we help our clients secure policies to safeguard their assets – and loved ones – if life throws them a curveball.

Life insurance allows your family to meet immediate financial needs and maintain your quality of life in the event of unforeseen death. It’s a vehicle to cover a number of possible risks, and we’ll help analyze the cost and coverage options that are right for you. 

With healthcare being a significant expense – especially as you age – long-term care insurance  or Medicare planning is another way to protect your family’s financial future. Many people fear paying for a policy they might not use, but keep in mind that 52% of people turning age 65 will need some type of long-term care services in their lifetimes. 

At DBHW Wealth Partners, we work with clients to determine their insurance needs and secure appropriate coverage for their unique situations.

Individual Life Insurance

Do you need Life Insurance? How much life insurance do you need? How much will Life Insurance cost? What are the different types of Life Insurance? Your advisors at DB Tax and Wealth have the expertise and independence to manage your Life Insurance needs.

Business Life Insurance

Business owners have access to our team for common life insurance policies used by business owners. Whether the life insurance is used to protect the owner (or owner’s spouse/family), the business or a key person (key-man), the advisors at DB Tax and Wealth have access to most insurance companies to provide a competitive solution.


Injury and Illness are more common than death in the United States. Disability Insurance protects your income in the event of illness or injury. You may have access to Disability Insurance through your employer, turn to the expert advisors of DB Tax and Wealth to have your coverage reviewed.

Long-Term Care

The high costs of Assisted Living, Nursing Home and At-Home care can be overwhelming to think about. Our Long-Term Care specialist will provide you with a custom solution based on your needs.

Health Insurance

Under 65? We can help you compare plans and prices to find the best to fit your individual needs.


Over 65? What are my options? How often can I change? What is Medicare part C & D? We can answer all these questions and sort out your options.


Do you own an annuity, but don’t understand it? You are not alone! DBHW Wealth Partners have the experience and expertise to help you understand your annuity for its optimal use.

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