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The Story of DBHW Wealth Partners

Three Locations. One Firm.

Three Locations. One Firm.

Our firm began as three independently operated organizations located in South Milwaukee and Brookfield, Wisconsin, and Bellville, Texas, as tax and accounting shops that were offering financial service to clients. We officially merged our firms, DB Tax & Wealth, Small Office Solutions, LLC, and Wehring Wealth Management in 2022 because we want to deliver the most robust and integrated financial, tax and accounting services possible to our clients.  

Each of our leaders have much in common. Our values are aligned. We prioritize culture and take care of our teams. And most importantly, we share an unwavering commitment to our clients’ success. Because of these synergies, DBHW Wealth Partners was born.


Our firm started as a tax and accounting shop, and these services are still foundational to how we help clients today. Whether you’re a business owner needing operational support or an individual needing tax preparation services, we offer the added benefit of being able to handle your personal and professional tax needs as well as a financial plan, investment portfolio and accounting and bookkeeping all under one roof.

At DBHW Wealth Partners, we believe we’re in the best possible position to help our clients make confident financial and tax decisions for their businesses and families.