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Our Tax Preparation Process

How We Work With You

Stage One:  Collecting Information

In stage one, we will collect your tax documents, annual tax preparation agreement, regulatory required consents & completed questionnaire. The consents and engagement are required to be signed before tax preparation even begins. The questionnaire is our most important tool. We use it to ensure we are preparing a complete and accurate return and make sure we are including all the tax deductions and credits you are entitled to receive on your return. To gather all this important data from you, we provide you with a secure, online access point: DBHW Connect.

Stage Two:  Preparing, Reviewing and Analyzing the Return

After we collect all of your information, our Tax Team will begin preparation of your return. If needed, we’ll contact you for clarification, missing information, or with any questions we may have along the way. At the end, we'll have another reviewer analyze your return to make sure we've included every deduction and credit possible and review it for anything the IRS may question. We'll also check it over to see if there are any tax-saving strategies you can take advantage of moving forward. You may receive another communication from us recommending any last minute actions you might take to reduce your taxes. 

Please note, If we don’t receive all your information by March 15th, an extension will need to be filed.

Stage Three:  Delivery, Signing and Filing

In this third and last stage, we provide you with a digital copy of your return through DBHW Connect. We send you a secure link to review, sign, and pay for your completed return. When this is done electronically we receive automatic notice that it has been completed and we'll file your return. If you have any questions about your completed return you can always ask by phone, e-mail or text. If you have a more in-depth question we ask that you schedule a time to speak with one of our Tax Professionals. We will provide you with a link to schedule that independently or you can call our office.

DBHW Connect

Having a DBHW Connect Account will be essential this Tax Season. Your Tax Package will be found there. This will be where you sign your taxes, pay for our services, set up an appointment with your tax professional, if needed. You can even ask a quick question during the process or get a quick status update. While you are still welcome to physically bring your source documents into the office (if that is what you prefer), please note that all other processes will be managed through DBHW Connect.