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Our Tax Process

How We Work With You

When incorporated with wealth planning, tax planning and preparation become seamless. Regular meetings and conversations keep us up to date on changes in your life, and we make sure the plan we've put in place is on track and working for you.

When the calendar turns to January, we gear up to provide you a quick and painless (as possible) tax filing experience. We set you up with a secure, personal, DBHW Online Account to provide quick, 24/7 access to all your tax and financial documents from your computer or phone.

Step One: Data Collection-Three Options

We send you a Tax Package, designed to jog your memory of the information and documents we'll need.  You complete the Tax Package and send it to us along with your tax documents using one of the three following options:

Face to Face

Stop in one of our offices at your convenience. Plan for a 10-15 minute review of your documents, verification of your contact information, collect required signatures, and, if you choose, scanning and returning your documents to you.

Express Drop

Use the Express Drop station in our lobby (South Milwaukee office only). Place your tax documents in a provided envelope, sign the required documents, complete your preferred contact information, and place the envelope in our secure, locked Drop Box. No waiting. Our Tax Team will contact you with any questions.

Digital Drop

Use DBHW Connect (we’ll send you a link if you don’t already have a login) to securely upload your tax documents. Send us an email at when you’ve uploaded all your documents and we’ll retrieve them, review them, and contact you with any questions.

Step Two: Tax Preparation

Professional Preparation 

After we receive your tax documents, questionnaire, and signature pages in step one, our Tax Team will begin preparation of your returns. We’ll contact you for clarification, missing information, or with any questions. If we receive all your information earlier in the season, you’ll have your completed returns in just a few days. If we don’t receive all your information before March 17th, an extension will need to be filed.

Step Three: Review & Sign Your Returns

Digital – Everyone receives a copy of their tax return and their supporting documents in DBHW Connect. Questions can be answered by email or text. When you have no additional questions, you can electronically sign your returns. We’ll e-file them for you right away, but if you have a balance due, you can wait until April 15th to pay the IRS or State.

Pick-up – Come to the office to pick up your tax documents and sign the e-file authorization.** If you’d like a printed copy of your return, please let us know in advance so we may have it ready for you.

Review – You will receive a detailed email from your tax professional outlining your results.  In some cases, we create a video reviewing your tax return for you to watch and replay at your leisure. Use it to guide yourself through the tax return PDF found in your DBHW Online Account.  We can meet virtually or in person to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.

**Reminder: both spouses must sign, if married filing joint.