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Tax Preparation & Planning

Our Tax Preparation & Planning Process

At DBHW Wealth Partners, we prepare tax returns and conduct proactive tax planning throughout the year. Your income, investments, and withholdings all have the potential to help or hurt your tax liabilities, and we collaborate internally to build strategies that benefit you most.

We offer the following services for businesses, individuals, and families.

Individual Income Taxes

Income taxes can be one of your biggest expenses during your lifetime. Tax laws have changed dramatically over the last five years. We'll help you file on time, take all the deductions you're entitled to, and support you in the from of an audit.

Individual & Business Combined

Whether you are filing a business Schedule C along with your Individual Income Taxes or have a separate corporation, the interaction and exchange between them is key to minimizing your tax burden. We'll simplify and streamline the tax requirements for both.

Business Income Taxes

The legal structure of your business may dictate how your taxes must be filed. We'll ensure the proper deductions are included on your returns, advise you on the documentation you should keep, and suggest ways to reduce your tax burden.

Tax Resolution

Americans owe the IRS more than $125 billion in back taxes. Working with the IRS has become increasingly cumbersome, delayed, and nearly impossible to navigate by the average taxpayer. Our experienced team can help resolve past debts and work out payment arrangements for those burdened by unresolved IRS issues.

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