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Our Onboarding Process

Our approach helps clients minimize one of life's most complicated and costly expenses: taxes. DB Tax & Wealth is equipped with tools, processes and platforms to accurately and efficiently combine tax planning and wealth management strategies to help optimize a clients' financial success. Explore our Tax Wheel to learn more.

1. File

It's Time to File Your Taxes

You can reach out by calling our office or emailing

During your initial contact with our office, we will provide details on the next steps to working with our team, such as costs, time commitment, and how to prepare for your first engagement. This will include a brief interview to verify or collect information.

2. Organize

Get Organized

Your tax situation is unique. In order to provide the best experience, we will need you to gather important information in advance. You will provide the following documents for our intake process by using one of the following: secure digital drop, in person during a private consultation, express drop, fax, US Mail, or private carrier.

3. Work Together

How We Work Together

We offer a comprehensive review to explain your results, answer your questions, and provide valuable tips and suggestions on how to save taxes. Our company was founded on the belief that a comprehensive, tax-inclusive approach to an individual’s financial situation would yield healthier decisions. By using tax information to inform investment decisions, Avantax Financial Advisors can find opportunities and vulnerabilities for their clients that help maximize their financial potential.

We will work with you digitally, in person, or via phone to answer questions, gather signatures, and file your taxes.

4. Plan

Plan For The Future

Our team is here for you throughout the year! We will keep you informed with a custom plan of communication, including: market commentary, tax planning, community events, financial workshops, etc. We have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to tackle the toughest questions and plan for your life changing events that potentially impact your next year’s taxes.

Buying or selling a home or investment property. Change in marital status. Growing family and kids going to college. Working in multiple states. Becoming a sub-contractor starting a new business. Job change or retirement. Notices from IRS. Open enrollment for employer benefits plans such as Health Savings Accounts, 401k, or other retirement plans. Employer stock options. Inheritance and estate planning.

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